Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I register for an event?

  • Look at our event schedule and follow the link to register on Extreme Speed’s website.

How much does it cost to participate?

  • Each track day event varies on cost. There is no extra cost to participate in the competition series.

What tracks are we going to be competing at?

  • Tracks such as Willow Springs Raceway, Streets of Willow, Buttonwillow, Chuckwalla, and Auto Club Speedway. All track events can be view here.

Will there be awards/prizes for the event winners?

  • Yes, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be awarded each event

Do participants receive any discounts?

  • TRD Cup participants are eligible for discounts TBA

What cars are eligible to compete?

  • Vehicles manufactured or sold through the Toyota Motor Company or one of its subsidiaries (e.g. Scion, Lexus, Daihatsu, Subaru BRZ, Pontiac Vibe, Geo Prizm, etc.)

Are motor swaps permitted?

  • Engine swaps must be manufactured or sold through the Toyota Motor Company or one of its subsidiaries

What are the safety requirements?

  • Please see rules sheet above for complete details

Who can I contact for more info?


How many events count towards the championship?

  • Seven events count towards the championship

What happens if competitors tie for a best time at an event?

  • If competitors tie at an event, we will average their 2 best lap times from different sessions to determine the winner.

What happens if competitors are tied in points after the final round?

  • If both competitors reach the qualifying number of events we default to the faster lap times recorded at events in which the competitors directly competed against each other. In the unlikely event that competitors are still tied, we will average their best lap times at those events to determine the winner.

What class does my car compete in?

  • This is determined by the reading the rules and adding total points

Where can I find event results?

  • Event results will be shared via facebook and email

How are points calculated?

  • Points are calculated in order of best times posted that day

What happens if I’m handed a penalty?

  • Please report to race director

Can I protest another competitor?

  • Yes, protests must be typed and emailed to

How many drivers can compete using the same car?

  • Two drivers can compete using the same car but failure to change transponders can result in disqualification

I have questions regarding my tech inspection.